Sunny spells and showers before low pressure steams in on Bank Holiday Monday

The weather this weekend has been well documented now, it’s not going to be a total washout, but you may need to pick your moments if you’re headed outside. Today (Saturday) and Sunday will see sunshine and a decent scattering of showers, then into Monday, with low pressure moving in, there’ll be a spell of wind and rain to contend with.

Temperature-wise, we’re going to be staying on the cool side by day, with more patches of frost overnight, following on from what was a cold April, with a frost recorded every day somewhere in the UK. With a bit of shelter from the breeze and during any sunnier spells, though, it should feel pleasant enough – it is now May after all, and the sun has a fair bit of strength to it. In fact, bear that in mind, as although it may not feel particularly warm in the wind, we’ll still be seeing moderate UV levels, which is plenty enough to burn you after a relatively short time outside. 

 Check the UV levels in your location.

In terms of the weather detail, Saturday and Sunday will be close enough to throw a blanket over them. The mornings up to around lunchtime will generally be best for sunshine, as cloud bubbles up into the afternoons to allow increasing numbers of showers to break out. Not all will catch one, and in between, there should still be good sunny spells, but where showers do develop, they may be heavy, thundery and slow-moving. Temperatures will generally peak at 9-14c, slightly tempered by the breeze. 

The showers will fairly speedily die out into the evenings, and with them, the cloud will also melt away. With clearing skies, that’ll allow temperatures to drop away quite speedily, widely falling close to or below freezing. So, still not a good time to be planting anything delicate outdoors.