Digital holiday fun

Published July 24, 2021 11:44AM

GISBORNE children have been getting into robotics over the school break through Tonui Collab’s digital holiday programme.

“We have had over 200 tamariki through these holidays,” Tonui Collab education director Shanon O’Connor said.

“Many are regulars although we have also had lots of tamariki here for the first time.”

The kids got to try their hands at being robotics engineers, digital animators, filmmakers, virtual and augmented reality techs and game developers.

“The best feedback is always tamariki smiling and asking when they can come back, or the parents lettiing us know their child couldn’t stop smiling or talking about their day.”

As part of the programme, Tonui encouragds feedback from the tamariki.

Some of the answers when children were asked what their favourite things were included —

“Going on an adventure in the jungle (digital animation workshop).”

“Getting to see everybody’s games and giving them a go (game development workshop)”

“I loved how it was different so when you come to these workshops you’re not always doing the same thing.”

ROBOTICS DAY AT TONUI COLLAB: Carter and Monty Swanson put their robotic creation to the test during Robotics Day as part of the Tonui Collab digital holiday programme. Pictures by Rebecca Grunwell

TEST RUN: Marcus Howard and Orum Blandford about to put their robot car through its paces. Picture by Rebecca Grunwell

step by step: Adrian McGhie and Leilani Tamanui put together a robot vehicle with the help of an instruction booklet. Picture by Rebecca Grunwell