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There was a time when the most pressing bit of holiday advice needed by most of us was what SPF suncream to use. It certainly feels that way, looking back at those halcyon, globe-conquering days pre-Covid. Fill a bag, grab the passport, off you go. By comparison, travel today is a gauntlet of Enigma code complexity, requiring stamina, patience, fortitude and a decent grasp of epidemiology. A healthy bank balance, too — once all those PCR tests and ancillary costs are factored in.

But don’t give up. Just make sure you do your homework. To help you with that, our Times Travel specialists have distilled their knowledge and expertise into a string of pieces, addressing everything from where you can go on holiday right now and the current travel restrictions in key destinations, to what insurance you can and should take out for your travels.

With cruising emerging as a compelling post-pandemic option — safe, self-contained and offering a cross-border flexibility currently denied to many land-based travellers — we’re keeping a close eye on all the latest cruise news and offering options and advice. And there’s plenty of useful information for travellers with specific requirements, including solo, family, multi-generation and those wanting to know if it’s safe to fly while pregnant.

Scroll down for more — and check here for regular updates to help you keep pace with our fast-moving times.

Main photo: Fiji (Getty Images)