Customers flock to defend budget hotel condemned as ‘the worst in England’

Happy customers have flocked to defend a hotel once described as the ‘worst in England’.

The Britannia Leeds Hotel has, like many of the other venues offered by the iconic chain, come in for its fair share of criticism.

Online hundreds of people have left it searing reviews, savaging all aspects of the budget hotel, Leeds Live reports.

One customer was so let down by their time there they offered to let anyone else planning a visit a place at their house instead.

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The Britannia Leeds has come in for a fair amount of criticism (


“Seriously, if you consider staying at that hotel, forget it, email me and stay at my house, I would never forgive myself for letting anyone stay there,” they wrote, before condemning the Britannia Leeds as “the worst hotel in England”.

One of the more recent of the 343 ‘terrible’ ratings was from Rob, who paid the hotel a visit this June.

“The worst night’s sleep I’ve ever had in a hotel,” he complained.

“All night there were people going in and out of rooms in the corridor and letting the door slam shut behind them.

“At 3am the fire alarms started going off, and by 4am they’d gone off at least six times.”

Katie was similarly underwhelmed.

“This hotel is really grim!” she wrote.

Customers flock to defend budget hotel condemned as 'the worst in England'

One happy reviewer shared a hearty looking plate of food (


“The shower curtain was mouldy, the shower ceiling was mouldy, the bed’s springs were sticking out so far I’m surprised the mattress fabric was containing them!

“The car parking spaces are also ridiculous and so close together you struggle to get in and out of your car without hitting your car door.”

Yet amidst all of this misery there are those who have come to the hotel’s aide, claiming that it is in fact an excellent low cost venue.

Last year Tommy J gave it a five star rating.

He wrote: “I often stay here for work and rarely have any problems. The rooms are clean and the reception staff are always helpful.

“Michelle who works behind the bar provided excellent service and has great product knowledge. The happy hour is great value.”

While in another five star review, another customer said: “Staff couldn’t have been more helpful, especially Sharon, Catherine and Natasha.

Customers flock to defend budget hotel condemned as 'the worst in England'

One reviewer was happy with the hotel’s restaurant (


“Hotel was very clean, the meals were good and there was plenty to eat.”

In total, 144 people have rated the Leeds Britannia ‘excellent’ and 248 rated it ‘very good’.

With so many people offering judgements on both ends of the spectrum, the hotel averages out with a passable two and a half star rating.

This is not untypical for a hotel under the Britannia banner, which has been voted the worst chain for eight years in a row.

Paul Evans recently had a poor experience at the Britannia in Wilmslow, having checked in on the way back from a sunny getaway to the Greek island of Cos.

In his room he claimed he discovered dirty bed linen dumped in the bath in a room with no sanitiser, soap or toilet roll.

Paul, 52, and the rest of his grouped cleared out two hours later after lying on top of the bed fully clothed.

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Britannia has been contacted for comment.