Gingerbread Kit Kats Are Coming This Holiday Season And We Tried Them Early

You may be daydreaming about your Halloween candy haul already, and believe it or not, it’s time you get excited for the treats coming this holiday season. Hershey’s always knows their fans are ready to try new sweets and this year for the holidays there are some returning favorites and some all-new festive flavors to try.

Some returning items include tree-shaped Reese’s and the sugar cookie Kisses (which debuted last year), although it may be the new innovations that are most exciting. Classic Hershey’s kisses will be available this year in adorable Grinch foil, Kit Kats are coming out with a gingerbread flavor, Reese’s cups will now be available in a peanut brittle flavor, and the sugar cookie Hershey’s kisses will now come in a full-sized chocolate bar version. Additionally, snowflake-shaped York peppermint patties, mini Heath bars, snowball Whoppers will also be hitting stores. All of the holiday offers will be around for a limited time only.

This is exciting stuff, people! The peanut brittle Reese’s are the first-ever holiday flavor of Reese’s cups and I was lucky enough to try them before their official release. I can totally confirm they’re crunchy and rich like peanut brittle but have the same familiar peanut butter we love from Reese’s. The sugar cookie chocolate bars live up to the name and taste like an expertly sprinkled sugar cookie right out of the oven as well. My personal favorite, though, are the gingerbread Kit Kats. They’re heavy on the spices used in gingerbread dough, but are still sweet and crunchy especially in their miniature size.

All in all, Hershey’s is getting ahead of the game and is making sure the holidays will be merry and bright. And full of TONS of candy, of course.

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