4 Reasons Ireland is an Ideal Location for a Digital Detox Retreat

Going on holiday and taking breath-taking photos to make all our followers, subscribers, and Facebook friends envy us is all well and good, but what about living in the moment and taking in the beauty of Ireland and its stunning landscapes? Ireland is a great choice of holiday destination if you are thinking of embarking on a little digital detox retreat anytime soon.

We have come up with some reasons why Ireland is a great place for enjoying a digital detox holiday adventure away.

The Landscape is Beautiful

Being at one with nature and embracing a natural environment in all glory is a key ingredient in any digital detox retreat.

All you Digital Detoxers out there will be pleased to learn Ireland has a beautiful landscape that is home to a plethora of wildlife. The country’s landscape and shoreline are iconic and attract more and more tourists to the country every year. Some stunning natural beauty spots in Ireland that tourists can enjoy include Connemara, the Cliffs of Moher, the Ring of Kerry, and Sliabh Liag in Donegal, just to name a few. And of course, there’s the wonder of Giant’s Causeway located in County Antrim on the North Coast of Northern Ireland.

Ireland is also home to intriguing historic buildings and structures such as castles, churches, convents, monasteries, old-fashioned pubs, restaurants, theatres and so on are ideal places for tourists to explore and learn more about the country’s rich history. Waterford Greenway built in 1878 as part of Ireland’s regional railway system, now used for hiking and off-ride cycling, is also a sight to behold for visitors.

Ireland Has Some Amazing Road Trips

Ireland is a great choice for anybody out there who is a lover of scenic road trips with tons of top-quality breath-taking views. The Wild Atlantic Way is the longest coastal road route in the world, at 1600 miles (2575 kilometres). Going along the Wild Atlantic Way route you will come across stunning locations such as Galway, Limerick, Connemara, Killarney, and plenty more.

From the windscreen of your vehicle, you will be able to marvel at the majestic views when driving across Ireland or going along the Wild Atlantic Way. If you want to make the most of your trip and stay on the road, then look into motorhome rentals to allow you to remain on the road throughout your journey.

Ireland is a Great Place to Take Some Memorable Holiday Photographs

There are many ideal locations for taking some great holiday snaps in Ireland but be mindful to stick to your digital detox and avoid using digital cameras, smartphones, tablets, and so on.

You will have to be resourceful and take memorable photographs during your trip using disposable cameras that work using film instead of digital technology.

There are Many Great Places in Ireland to Eat and Drink

Ireland is full of top-quality places to eat and drink. From traditional Irish pubs to cocktail bars, to restaurants with cuisines from all over the globe, Ireland certainly has plenty to offer in terms of gastronomy and wonderful places to get a bite to eat or have a drink during your holiday. Pubs and restaurants are often the beating hearts of communities in Ireland and places with a fantastic welcoming atmosphere.

You don’t need your smartphone or any digital technology to appreciate a top bar or restaurant you visit on holiday.