Italy All-inclusive Holiday Packages 2022/2023: Hotel + Flight Deals

Deciding which Italy holiday package to choose can be difficult – there’s just so much to do. Keen historians will want to start in Rome, where centuries of history sit in between coffee shops and restaurants – the Colosseum and Vatican can’t be missed. Revolutionary art lines the walls of museums in Florence and Venice – wave hello to David in Florence, or gaze over Da Vinci’s Last Supper in Milan.

Head to the coast for beachside bliss – choose between the pebble-lined beaches of Amalfi, or the sandy Puglian perches or hop over to the ‘ball’ of Sicily, where seafood and spritz are best enjoyed by the sea. If your Italy holiday package falls over winter, the northern Alps will have all you need for a spectacular ski escape.

No Italy holiday package would be complete without sampling the local food – from pasta to gelato, focaccia to pizza and everything in between, the entire country is a foodie’s paradise.