EDITORIAL: Enjoy what your hometown has to offer this holiday season

Nov. 16—Excitement abounds in the weeks running up to the Christmas holiday — and this year brings with it even more joy.

With 2020’s holidays literally wiped off the books because of COVID-19 pandemic warnings, families were encouraged to cancel trips and only get together with those in their bubble, so to speak.

That meant grandparents may have missed a year of seeing their grandchildren unwrap Christmas presents and getting a big hug from them. Adult brothers and sisters could Zoom their Christmas gatherings, but it’s not the same as getting together and sharing a meal and a plate of cookies.

Thankfully, since that time, we have vaccines and the assurance that this year we can get together with family and friends to celebrate.

Of course, that also means now is the time to collect wish lists, get your shopping list filled out and hit the stores.

And by hit the stores, our hope is that area shoppers will take the time to see what local stores have to offer. This last year no doubt has been a tough one for them, with doors shuttered by a pandemic that reduced hours and foot traffic.

As such, we are encouraging our readers to shop locally. And don’t forget gift cards, or memberships for those who like to work out, go to the Clinton Area Showboat Theatre or see concerts, such as the local symphony. Or maybe fill a gift basket with locally purchased items.

The possibilities are endless and will go a long way in helping to give a boost to our local business owners.