A cast of 5 extraordinary actors plus one live foley artist brings Bedford Falls to life on the Town Hall Theatre stage.

This production brings audiences back to the 1940s as they tell classic holiday story of George Bailey and the Christmas he gains an appreciation for the positive impact he has on his community. Featuring a mix of new and familiar faces, Daniel J. Eslick has brought together an exciting ensemble that your family will love.

It’s A Wonderful Life is an excellent piece for Town Hall’s new Curator of Artistic Programming, Daniel J. Eslick, to make his debut with Town Hall Theatre. One of Eslick’s goals in curating programming at Town Hall is to reexamine familiar shows like It’s A Wonderful Life and add an updated twist. Choosing the radio play over a straightforward adaptation of the 1946 film allows audiences the opportunity to better examine the character of George Bailey and his relationship to his community.

Perhaps Eslick’s boldest choice in this production is the decision to cast Sarah Negrón in the role of George Bailey. “It’s a Wonderful Life is a legend for our modern times. I wanted to see what we could do to add onto that legend, which is why casting wise I’ve steered us away from what is traditional into what may be something different,” says Eslick. “In auditions Sarah was one of the only people who didn’t just pull from the film and was able to bring it down to the level of intimacy the radio play medium requires.” Negrón will be familiar to audiences from Town Hall Theatre’s production of FantasticLand which was presented digitally over the pandemic.

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