20 Last Minute Holiday Tech Deals: Buy Yourself A Streaming Subscription, eBike, Gaming Laptop And More

Happy holidays, everyone! I’ve already wrapped my dog’s presents and placed them on a shelf where she won’t sniff them out, and I am hoping she’s picked out something great for me as well—but I suspect she hasn’t had a chance to shop for me, being a 10-month-old puppy and all. That means I need to do my own holiday shopping, so I’ve put a lot of my own wish list items here in this week’s tech deals roundup.

Tech deals? During Christmas week? That might sound like overkill, at least at first. After all, haven’t your loved ones already rounded up all sorts of awesome gifts for you, and they’re sitting at this very moment under the tree or in a stocking? Eh, not really. Let’s be pragmatists: You probably won’t get everything you want. So take matters into your own hands and buy yourself something nice for the holidays. To help you splurge sensibly, I’ve collected the usual array of great deals below.

As always, my standard disclaimer applies: These deals are “while supplies last,” because any of these products may sell out or expire at any time. One more thing: If you’re looking for deals on non-tech stuff, we’ve rounded up deals on home, fashion and beauty items, too.

My Favorite Deal Of The Week

The World’s Best Belt Has a Giant Magnet In The Buckle And Is 15% Off

Groove Belt

A belt is not technically “tech,” but I’ve been using the Groove Belt for weeks, and I am in love with it. It has a neodymium magnet in the buckle, so that’s pretty techy, right? The belt’s claim to fame is the ease with which you put it on and take it off; the belt itself is slightly stretchy, so you adjust it to the perfect fit and then it “gives” a little when you need to clasp the buckle. The buckle itself “hooks” into place with one easy motion and it has a powerful neodymium magnet that snaps the two halves together with a satisfying thwack. I’ve never enjoyed a belt before—heck, I’ve hardly even thought about belts before—but this one is great, and right now you can get it for 18% off. That’s pretty good, considering it rarely gets discounted.

Best Tech Deals: TVs And Home Entertainment

An Entire Month Of Paramount Plus For Free

Paramount+ is CBS’s streaming service, and the only way to watch all sorts of exclusive programming like Star Trek Discovery, Seal Team and the forthcoming Frasier reboot—along with an enormous amount of other content. A subscription typically costs $5 per month after the seven-day free trial, but you can try Paramount+ for free for an entire month right now. Just remember: If you don’t want to keep it, cancel before the 30 days are over so you don’t get charged $5 for the following month.

forbes.comParamount Plus Coupon Codes | 16% Off In December 2021 | Forbes

Get Two Masterclass Memberships For The Price Of One

You probably already know that Masterclass is a great on-demand streaming service that puts celebrity instructors front-and-center to teach you about cooking, math, music, sports or whatever else you are curious about. Right now, its two-for-one offer is back (it tends to come around every year at this time) so you and a spouse, kid or friend can both get a year of edutainment at a discount.

This Highly-Rated 55-Inch TV Is 45% Off And Includes An Echo Dot

Insignia 55-inch F30 Series LED 4K Fire TV

At 55-inches-wide, this TV is an ideal size for most living rooms. It also happens to be a great-looking model, with a Fire TV smart OS for streaming your favorite services. Now priced at $300, it also includes a free Amazon Echo Dot (3rd generation), which usually would cost an additional $40.

Best Tech Deals: Smart Home

Save 26% On A Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Home Security Camera

Abode Cam 2

The Abode 2 is an ultra-affordable security camera that you can position indoors or out, and use for home monitoring or even as a pet cam. It has built-in Wi-Fi, a microphone and speaker for two-way communication, full-color low-light performance and is weatherproof. It works on its own or with a subscription to record video 24/7 in the cloud—and right now it’s 26% off.

This Premium Bidet is 25% Off And You Need It More Than You Think

Bliss BB-2000 Bidet Seat

No one is going to give you a bidet for the holidays, but maybe they should. A bidet is sanitary, convenient and feels luxurious—you just need to get past the uniquely American stigma and actually try one. You’ll probably love it. Right now you can save $175 on the BB-2000 from BioBidet and get a model that delivers an endless supply of comfy warm water, has a built-in deodorizer and includes a powerful remote control for customizing your experience. And don’t picture hiring a plumber; you can install it yourself in minutes.

The Improved Ring Doorbell 3 Is $23 Off

Ring Video Doorbell 3

Ring rules the smart doorbell roost, and the Ring Video Doorbell 3 is a great 1080p HD doorbell with improved motion detection, audio quality and Wi-Fi connectivity. It’s easy to install, too. Right now you can save $23 at Daily Steals compared to the same model at Amazon.

Save 42% On A DNA Test And Find Out Who Your Great-Grandfather Was

AncestryDNA + Traits

DNA test are great for discovering your own family history (and family health traits) or gifting to someone else. Full disclosure: Someone gave me a DNA test as a gift a few years ago that opened the door to a slew of surprises for me, which is why I am such a fan. Right now, you can save over 40% on the excellent Ancestry kit that reveals both your ancestry and key genetic traits.

Clean Up Small Messes With This Wine Bottle-Sized Cordless Vacuum

Anker eufy HomeVac H11 Pure

This might be your one and only chance to snag Anker’s small cordless hand vacuum for under $30—it’s still twice that at Amazon. This gadget charges via USB and offers 5500Pa of suction power to pick up pet hair, food spills and other debris for about 13 minutes per charge. It comes with a crevice tool as well.

This Superb Video Doorbell Is Over 30% Off

Eufy Wireless Video Doorbell 2K (Battery-Powered)

If you don’t have your heart set on the Ring model above, check out this option from Eufy. It has sharp 2K video, two-way audio, motion alerts and an electronic chime. This wireless video doorbell is battery operated, so it’s easy to install and doesn’t require tapping into your home’s wiring.

Sleep Peacefully With This Sound Machine-Clock-Radio-Speaker Gizmo For 60% Off

Tribit Home Sleep Sound Machine

It’s a white noise sound machine to help you fall asleep. It’s a clock with alarms. It’s a Bluetooth speaker that can play audio from your phone. It has an FM radio. Basically, Tribit’s Home Sleep Sound Machine is a do-everything bedside alarm clock wrapped in fabric and bordered with soothing RGB lights. Usually $100, you can get it for $70 when you click the coupon on the product page. I have this very model in my guest bedroom, and it’s rad.

Get This Handy Hand Warmer That’s Also A Power Bank For $22

Viniper Rechargeable Hand Warmer Power Bank

You can’t put a price on warm hands. Actually, I suppose you can—for a mere $13, you can get a USB-rechargeable hand warmer with three heating levels. It fits comfortably in your hands on chilly mornings and you can also use the built-in 5,200-mAh battery to charge your phone. If this doesn’t belong in your stocking, I can’t imagine what does.

Save $50 On A Facebook Portal Go

Facebook Portal Go

Recently, I reviewed the new Facebook Portal devices and gave them a thumbs up—they’re great Alexa smart displays that are a tad pricey, but excellent if you use Facebook Messenger a lot. Here’s a deal that can blunt the sticker shock a little: You can save $100 and get free shipping if you buy any two Portals at the same time. This promotion is especially good for gifting.

Start Podcasting With A Superb Yeti X Mic For 35% Off

Blue Yeti X Professional Multi-Pattern USB Microphone

Do you need a microphone to podcast, vlog or just have better audio during Zoom calls? Blue Microphone’s Yeti X is so well respected that it’s virtually iconic, and right now you can save an almost unprecedented $50 on it. It looks old-timey, but connects via USB and has four pickup patterns for any sort of recording situation.

Save $90 On Roborock’s Affordable-But-Efficient Robot Vacuum

Roborock E4 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Robot vacuums are awesome, and I use one in my own home (read my recent Tech Wrangler column for my thoughts on these robo-helpers). Most of them are pricey, though, and it’s hard to find a good budget priced model. Here’s an exception: Roborock is a top robo vacuum brand, and the E4 is now at its lowest price ever—just $180. Despite the budget pricing, it has a lot of suction, 200 minutes of runtime and works with Alexa.

Run Your Way To Better Fitness Indoors And Save $300

NordicTrack Commercial 2450 Treadmill

I know my way around a treadmill, and NordicTrack’s Commercial 2450 is a great model that apparently sells like hotcakes—it’s often out of stock. Well, it’s in stock now and marked down $300. It’s a rugged, powerful model that is worthy of being in a gym (hence the “Commercial” in the name) and has a 14-inch touchscreen you can use to run the iFit live and on-demand workout app.

Best Tech Deals: Mobile Gear

Save $200 On An HP Gaming Laptop

HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop

This isn’t the most powerful gaming laptop money can buy, but you’re getting a beefy mid-range performer for just $600—a great deal for a system with an AMD Ryzen 5 processor, GeForce GTX 1650 graphics and a large 15.6-inch full HD display.

Get A RideSWFT Volt e-Bike And Save $300

SWFT Volt Commuter Electric Bike

Ebikes aren’t generally inexpensive, but they bring a lot of joy to any bike ride, boosting your speed and making it easier to climb hills. The Volt from RideSWFT is a solid performer with a built-in battery, 32-mile range and top speed of about 20 miles per hour. It’ll recharge in six hours, and even has a built-in headlight for night rides. You can save $400 on it right now, which is the lowest price I’ve ever seen for this model.

Save $70 On The Always-Pricey Apple AirPods Max

Apple AirPods Max

Apple’s premium, aluminum-clad high-end over-ear headphones are now $70 off—you can get the green, blue, pink, gray or silver models for 14% off right now. Yes, they’re among the pricier headphones you can buy, but they sound superb, have best-in-class noise cancellation and offer advanced features like 3D spatial audio and a transparency mode that lets you hear ambient sound without stopping the music.

Get These Affordable But Excellent Earbuds For 54% Off

Tribit FlyBuds 3

You can spend $150 or more on earbuds—just take a look at the AirPods Pro if you don’t believe me—but you certainly don’t need to. Tribit’s Flybuds 3 are surprisingly good true wireless earbuds. They sound very good, are waterproof, run for five hours and the charging case can give you up to 100 hours of use away from a wall socket. In fact, you can use the charging case as a power bank to charge your other stuff. Usually $70, right now you can get the C1 for a mere $29 when you apply the coupon on the product page.

What do you think of these deals? Want to tell me about something I’ve missed? You can always reach me on Twitter at @davejoh.