Beach holidays in the Middle East


No, the middle-east is not just about deserts. Here are some of its most spectacular beach destinations.

Kite Beach, UAE

A fun-filled destination in Dubai, here at Kite Beach you will find yourself surrounded by beautiful sights of flying kites, and sandy beach.

​Nissi Beach, Cyprus

A very popular beach in Cyprus, its beautiful clear water is mesmerising. A pretty beach destination, it is almost always packed in the summers.

Jounieh Bay, Lebanon

Beirut’s stunning shoreline is a different kind of high. A wonderful destination for a holiday, book a luxury hotel here and seek solace in the skyline.

Byblos, Lebanon

A UNESCO World Heritage coastal town, this is just the holiday you need. A combination of history and leisure, Byblos is fantastic.

Saadiyat Island, UAE

Located in Abu Dhabi, this gorgeous island holiday is a stylish place to celebrate life and luxury. Book a luxury resort, and let the magic seep in.

​Salalah, Oman

This city in Oman is home to some of the most gorgeous beaches in the country. The beautiful white sandy beaches are spellbinding.

​Al Aqah Beach, UAE

You can hide away here in this calm beach, away from the crowds. Al Aqah is most notable for its peacefulness, and is a perfect day-trip destination.

​Dead Sea

Spread across Israel, West Bank, and Jordan, Dead Sea is a relief for people looking for a seaside holiday. It is a wonderful day-trip destination from Tel Aviv or Amman.