Windstorms, holiday fun and predictions

Let’s start with a heartfelt wish for a Merry Christmas to all of you. Those of us at Between the Lines are grateful for the gift of your time and attention.


Hey, here’s your primer for that Christmas movie that was filmed in Weston. Remember, the movie will air Thursday night at 7 p.m. on the Lifetime channel.But the night before, you can enjoy a pre-game show. Our Landmark Live episode will air Wednesday night at 6 p.m. on the Platte County Landmark Facebook page.

You’re thinking, hey, wasn’t that Landmark Live supposed to be last week? Yes, yes it was. But then somebody decided this area needed a big-ass windstorm that knocked out power and internet service at our office for 18 hours or so last Wednesday and into mid-day Thursday. Mid-to-late morning Thursday we decided to go ahead and postpone the show, told everybody to chill and make other plans for their Thursday night, and then of course a few minutes later the power came back on and internet service was restored.

No worries. In this biz, you gotta roll with the punches and the kicks to your holiday nuts.

Anyway, we’re ready to go Wednesday night, barring an unforeseen hurricane. We’ll film this thing by Christmas candlelight if we have to. And it’ll be fun. Guy Speckman and I will be joined by local musician Brad Carl–the guy with the infamous “Meet Me at the (Parkville) Speakeasy” music video. We’ll talk Weston Christmas movie, relate some stories about it, show you the movie trailer and whatnot. And we’ll feature The Landmark’s official holiday video put together by Tech Guy Schneider using quotes from Landmark personalities. And a special “Here Comes Santa Claus” music video by Brad Carl.

Speaking of nuts, that windstorm was. Around 75-80 mile per hour winds. The awning above the diesel fuel pumps at the Platte-Clay Fuels station in Platte City was a victim, as were a couple of the pumps themselves. I ran into Platte City Mayor Tony Paolillo while taking some photos there on Thursday morning. “We’re lucky that thing didn’t come down,” the mayor said, pointing across Hwy. 92 to the huge crane on site at the Platte County High School construction project.


A special Merry Christmas to the boys and girls at Parkville’s law firm of Baty Otto Coronado. Here’s hoping this column gets clipped, super glued, scanned and emailed to you in time for the holiday.

Remember those predictions I made back in August well before the NFL regular season started? I do. But only because I’m nailing those bad boys like Nostradamus. Had I been off, probably wouldn’t be bringing this up right now.

Prediction Number One made in the Aug. 25, 2021 Between the Lines: “The Chiefs’ defense will be much better than people think this year.”

Okay, this one got off to a rocky start through October. I even at one point prematurely declared this prediction a disaster. But then the Chiefs put together a string of six or seven weeks where they were the number one rated defense in the NFL in points allowed per game during that time. Let’s take off our Mahomes-colored glasses for a bit and admit the Chiefs seven-game winning streak that has revived their season is due to the defense. The team has become practically one dimensional in the second half of the season, and that one dimension has been the defense. A little setback last week against the Chargers, but not bad at all considering they were missing several starters on the defensive side of the ball. This prediction now looks like money in the bank. You’re welcome, Chiefs Kingdom.

Prediction Number Two, also made in the Aug. 25, 2021 Between the Lines: “New (Jacksonville Jaguars) coach Urban Meyer will find out the NFL game is much different than college. This thing is destined to be a dumpster fire. I won’t be surprised if Meyer, who has had health problems in the past, says ‘you guys are giving me chest pains’ and walks away once this season is done, if not before.”

Bingo. Meyer is gone, fired last week. Okay, it wasn’t chest pains and technically he was fired, didn’t quit, but come on, that thing was a dumpster fire and Meyer is out before the season is done. This prediction is money.

The only thing I didn’t foresee coming was Urban F. Meyer skipping a team flight home to instead get a lap dance from a co-ed.

Prediction Number Three, also made in the Aug. 25, 2021 Between the Lines: “Chiefs fans won’t like to hear it but I’m high on the Raiders this season. Las Vegas oddsmakers have the Raiders’ predicted win total at seven. Get to Vegas. Play the over. Pay off your mortgage in January. Invite me to the party.”

You know what? On Monday the Raiders won their seventh game. What that means is your Vegas bet can’t lose. I’m assuming you trusted me enough to get to Vegas to make that wager. Say what? You didn’t? Probably wise. My football advice is for entertainment purposes only. But if you had, at worst you’d get a push, which means you get your wager amount back even if the Raiders don’t win another game. If they do win one more game, this baby cashes for you and I’ll be expecting that invite to your mortgage-burning party.

This kind of advance knowledge makes a $29 subscription to The Landmark well worth it, am I right? Yes I am.

Man, sounds like Aug. 25 was a worthy column. Some goodness was spewed. I must have remembered to take my smart pills that week.

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