Score Great Deals on Tools, Tires, and More at Walmart’s Post-Holiday Clearance Sale


The holidays are finally over and done with—but that doesn’t mean the deals are gone. Quite the opposite, in fact. Retailers are emptying virtual shelves right now by offering bigger bargains than ever. And Walmart is no exception.

Long known as a great place to score awesome deals on tires, tools, cleaning and detailing supplies, garage gear, and other stuff automotive enthusiasts crave, Walmart offers all the great stuff other retailers do—without a lot of the junk. Indeed, Walmart is renowned as a great place to buy tires. And right now, it’s all on sale. Better yet, Walmart is a far more reliable seller than many of the outfits you’ll find on Amazon, with solid return policies and customer service they just can’t match. And of course, home delivery. Here are some of the great deals we found on auto products, tools, and gear.

Auto Gear for the Holidays

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Snow Tires

If you haven’t yet fit winter or snow tires to your car, light truck, or SUV, you really need to jump on this deal. WinterCommand tires are designed for increased gripping power in ice or snow, with a high-density siping pattern that enhances the number of biting edges on the road surface. This boosts stability and steering response. Better yet, the rubber compound is designed for maximum flexibility in harsh temperatures. 

  • Wide grooves prevent hydroplaning
  • One of Walmart’s bestselling snow tires
  • Supplies and sizes may be limited

Wrangler All-Season Tires

Hate swapping out tires twice a year? Us too. Consider this all-season option from Goodyear. It’s ideal for light trucks and SUVs, although multiple sizes are available for a variety of vehicles. It’s great for wet tarmac because its wide grooves sipe water away from the contact patch. But its overall durability boosts fuel mileage and makes it great for year-round use, no matter the climate. 

  • Includes manufacturer tread life warranty
  • Minimizes driving noise
  • For SUVs and light trucks only

Dual Dash Cam

Pyle’s dual front and rear dash cam features a full high-def 1080p front camera and waterproof backup camera for complete vehicle coverage, integrating video recording, picture taking, and external storage into a multifunction high-resolution digital recorder with HDMI and media output. Wide-angle WDR shooting, digital playback, and parking guard tech are all part of this sleek package. 

  • Almost 50 percent off at press time
  • Ideal for pro drivers with accident coverage
  • Rather bulky for small dashboards

Battery Tender 800

Battery Tender

Battery Tender’s 800 model is perfect for “set it and forget it” situations such as motorcycles, boats, UTVs, golf carts, winter storage, and more. Better still, this 12V, 800mA charger and maintainer comes in a mountable water-resistant package that’s ideal for outdoor applications.

  • Trusted brand, reliable performance
  • About the size of a computer mouse
  • Might not be powerful enough for some automotive batteries

Cordless Drill/Driver Kit

Designed for both driving and drilling, this 12V unit has 18 clutch settings in its 3/8-inch chuck. It features a variety of attachments, including more than 40 drill and screw bits, a flex shaft, fast charger, battery, and tape measure all wrapped up in its own carrying bag. It’s not pro-grade, no—but for around-the-house repairs and quick fixes in tight situations? It’s perfect.

  • Compact (7 inches from chuck to back) and lightweight (1.8 pounds)
  • Rubber-coated handle
  • Not designed for professional applications

Portable Generator


Perhaps the best deal on this entire list, at press time this 4K-watt gas-powered generator was 70 percent off its list price of $999.95. For that money, whether tailgating, camping, charging tools at a job site, or providing backup power in case of an emergency, this unit is definitely worth the cost—and it might just save your bacon in a fix. Easy to use, recoil start, auto shut-off, and a steel cage complete this tidy package. And that price!

  • Quiet operation
  • Up to 10 hours on one tank of fuel
  • Some user complaints, but at this price it’s worth a shot

Jack Combo Kit

Black Jack

Another amazing deal at press time. For one low price you get a 2-ton trolley jack, 36-inch folding creeper, two jack stands, a pair of wheel chocks, and a lug wrench. Again, it’s not professional quality—but at this price (it normally costs $135) driveway mechanics can’t really go wrong with this set.

  • All-steel construction
  • Jack lift range: 5 5/16 to 13 inches
  • Creeper weight capacity just 250 pounds

Brake Caliper Compressor Tool Set

Ever tried to do a brake job? Then you know how invaluable this kit could be. Brake jobs are tricky and require the right tools. This kit enables you to rotate the piston back into the caliper for fitment of new brake pads, letting you service and replace your worn pads without damaging the gaskets in the pistons. Here’s the thing: You may rarely use it, but won’t you feel better knowing it’s in your arsenal when you need it? At this price, you can afford that peace of mind.

  • Professional quality from a renowned brand
  • 18 adapters to fit a variety of cars
  • Case is made of plastic

Automotive Rust Inhibitor

Rust Bullet

Sure, surface rust is usually not a big deal to handle—but why wait till it takes hold? Besides, it can easily creep up on you while you’re looking the other way, turning small nuisances into big problems. Stop corrosion before it starts by coating bare metal with Rust Bullet. It’s thinner than paint or primer, so it’s ideal for cars and perfect for floor pans, undercarriages, raw fenders, and more. It usually costs around $35-$40, so this is a fantastic deal.

  • Requires little to no surface prep
  • Made with no lead, zinc, chromates, acids, or heavy metals
  • Liquid paint must be brushed or used in a paint sprayer

Air Accessory Kit

Normally costing $30, this 25-piece kit includes a blowgun, dual foot chuck, multiple different connectors, PTFE thread sealant tape, a 50 PSI gauge, inflation needles, couplers, and more. It’s an industrial style, 1/4-body-size tool and accessory kit that comes in a compact case. 

  • Ideal for anyone who uses compressed air on the regular
  • Highly rated and reviewed
  • Are there any? We couldn’t find a one

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