Visible launches free trial for iPhone users, drops the hottest Galaxy S21 deal we’ve seen

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Visible launches free trial for iPhone users, drops the hottest Galaxy S21 deal we've seen
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If you are looking to slim down your mobile plan payments, the best place to look is Visible. The all-digital mobile carrier runs on Verizon’s network, so it offers the same top-notch coverage and 5G access. However, its Unlimited plan can save you quite a bit of cash. And now, with the holiday offers in effect, you can also grab a sweet new smartphone at a sweeter discount! Check out the offers below:

Try Visible for free now!

If you have an eSIM-capable iPhone, you can test Visible’s service right now, no fees and no strings attached. Just head over to the link above and scan a QR code with your iPhone Camera app. If your device is compatible with Visible’s network, you will get a phone number for a 15-day Visible Free Trial. You can then decide whether you wish to switch from your old carrier and enjoy Visible’s affordable unlimited plan.

One trial account per customers, terms apply. Click on link above for full details.

Switch to Visible, get a gift card

If you switch to Visible now and stay on for 3 months, you get a $50 gift card from the carrier. The card is of your own choice and you can pick all kinds of retail or online stores — from Best Buy and Amazon all the way to and Bed Bath & Beyond.

Even better — certain smartphones sold by Visible right now will net you a $100, $150, or $200 gift card instead! Rules still apply — you need to pay for 3 consecutive months of service before being eligible.

Deal on focus

Visible iPhone deals

The holidays are over but Visible still has some deals on the iPhones to go around! Some discounts here and there, sure, but also gift cards of $100 or $150 attached to each model!

Add Apple Watch to your Visible Unlimited plan

You can now add a line for your cellular Apple Watch for just $5 extra per month, added to your existing Visible plan. Apple Watch SE is available at Visible for $336, the new Apple Watch Series 7 is also in stock for $504.

Visible Android phone deals

The Moto G Power (2022) has now arrived at Visible and has hit the ground running with an amazing gift card deal! Grab a Moto G Power (2022) from Visible and stick around for 3 months — you get $150 back to spend in pretty much any popular store in your area.

Samsung’s 2021 flagship line has also gotten a hefty price cut — the Galaxy S21 for $480 is already an incredible bargain, but a $200 gift card on top of that makes it a steal. While the regular S21 will serve most users just right, the Galaxy S21+ is for those that desire bigger, more immersive screens.

Visible Unlimited plan pricing

  • 2-line accounts cost $35 per line
  • 3-line accounts cost $30 per line
  • 4-line accounts and more cost $25 per line

What’s included:

  • Unlimited data (at up to 200 Mbps), unlimited messages, unlimited minutes
  • Wireless hotspot – use your phone as a hotspot at no extra cost (up to 5 Mbps)
  • Call internationally – Canada, Mexico, the US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico

Learn about Visible Unlimited here