Chillier weather forecast for Ely, though things will remain dry

After a few weeks of warm weather, Ely will be feeling a touch chilly today. After beaming sun, things are looking a little cold and dreary again. It’s looking far balmier on the continent, so this may be the time to jet off to a popular European holiday destination like Spain or Italy.

As we head toward the next Bank Holiday weekend, many people will be hoping for sunshine and warm weather, similar to that we had over the Easter weekend, however we might have to lower our expectations slightly. In Ely today (April 28) it will not be cold, but you will feel the change from just a few weeks ago!

In the past three weeks Ely has seen temperatures reach 19C which appeared to be a return to the warm weather last seen in late March. The Met Office has said Ely will not reach temperatures above 13C today.

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According to the Met Office, Ely will have “A predominantly cloudy but dry day expected. Best chance of catching any brighter spells further west. Generally light winds. Feeling cooler where cloud persists and around the Wash. Maximum temperature 13 °C”.

How’s it looking from Friday to Monday?

The Met Office has reported that it’s likely to me much of the same tomorrow (April 29) with “dry and settled” weather and with “variable cloud” but slightly warmer at 14C. . Over the weekend the Met Office has said: “Settled and dry on Saturday. Cloudier on Sunday with outbreaks of patchy light rain pushing south. Staying cloudy Monday with a chance of showers or further patchy rain. Chilly nights”.

Predictions from the Met Office show that this “dry” weather will continue for much of the start of May, according to their website: “Throughout the start of May, much of the south is likely to see continuing dry and sunny spells. Parts of the north are more likely to experience cloudier conditions, with spells of mainly light rain or showers at times, occasionally moving further south.

“Winds are expected to remain light and temperatures stay above average for most, but some chilly nights are still possible with a chance of some late season frost”.