Five fun-filled activities for the kids these school holidays

With April school holidays on the horizon, so is taking the time to plan some activities to get the kids out of the house, occupied and learning. We teamed up with the Western Australian Museum, and for good reason. Kids naturally love interactive and tactile experiences, and what they can learn in the process is rewarding; we know an active and engaging environment can be crucial for successful learning.

Manager of Learning and Engagement Ruth Morris said during school holidays, each Western Australian Museum site offers an array of school holiday programs that are fun and enriching learning experiences.

“All Western Australian Museum sites are unique spaces where everyone can learn, surrounded by real artifacts, a vast collection of diverse stories, and spectacular immersive exhibitions – all providing a positive environment to foster learning and enrich the minds of young people,” Ms Morris said.

“They are places that support curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking, and encourage people to have fun while exploring their connection to the world around them.”

From a moment with a whale to making their very own movie, here are five fun-filled ways to get you inspired and keep the kids busy this school break.


In Patterns and Colour, kids will get the opportunity to explore how we use pattern and colour to communicate. From pattern in fabric material, architecture or nature, kids will learn how patterns help us to communicate visually with each other, to make sense of the world.

Camera Icon Activity: Patterns and Colour Credit: WA Museum.


When art and science marry, something magical happens. In Art v Science, kids will see the possibilities of this amalgamation by helping to describe, record, and preserve valuable information and stories, from taxidermy and art illustration to techniques to preserve precious items.


The Stop Motion Animation workshop is designed to help kids plan, direct and create their very own stop motion animation. They will get the opportunity to head to and explore various galleries for inspiration before getting down to the basics of stop-animation in the Woodside Learning Studios. They get the opportunity to discuss their ideas before accessing a range of props to manipulate and film and add sound to bring their story to life.

At the end of the day, the lights go off and the participants get to sit back and enjoy their hard, creative work on the big screen (popcorn included).

Five fun-filled activities for the kids these school holidays
Camera Icon Activity: Stop Motion Animation. Credit: WA Museum.


An activity for all ocean lovers and marine mammal obsessed! Kids can be inspired by whales at the WA Maritime Museum by getting crafty and colouring their very own whale suncatcher for a window display, experiencing some whale tales and playing with whale games, puzzles and more.

Five fun-filled activities for the kids these school holidays
Camera Icon Activity: Whales Ahoy! Credit: Abigail Lynn on Unsplash.


It’s time to take a holiday adventure to the Spice Islands! Kids will collect their Trade Winds clue sheet and “set sail” across the oceans to collect exotic and valuable spices. They get the chance to decorate their very own scented spice bag with colours and decorations to keep – or to give to someone special.

Five fun-filled activities for the kids these school holidays
Camera Icon Activity: Trade Winds. Credit: Rebecca Mansell.

If you’re searching for more inspiration this April school holidays, WA Museum have an array of activities the kids will enjoy. For more events and information about where to go and how to book, head to the WA Museum website.