Holiday firm offers new staff free driving lessons amid UK hiring crisis

Holiday firm offers new staff free driving lessons amid UK hiring crisis

Holiday firm offers new staff free driving lessons amid UK hiring crisis

A Scottish holiday brand is bidding to attract new staff amid the UK labour shortage by offering free driving lessons as an incentive for team members.

Argyll Holidays, which was recently acquired by Cove UK and has eight locations based around Loch Lomond and Argyll, is also offering accommodation and a range of other benefits including training and development opportunities designed to steer a long-term career in tourism and hospitality sector.

Argyll said it had a range of opportunities across accommodation, food and beverage, sales as well as leisure and activity positions.

The company said its usual ability to fill vacant positions quickly and easily had been hampered by the demand for staff across the UK job market.



Gordon Walker, operations director at Cove UK, said: “Argyll Holidays has always offered some brilliant benefits to attract high quality team members – and we couldn’t think of a better way to steer our search this than by offering free driving lessons.

“We want to be a company that can help our team add to their skills and knowledge and driving is an important ability, particularly in the beautiful rural settings where our parks are located.

“The company has a fantastic team already in place but we know it is shaping up to be a really busy summer and we want to make sure our colleagues have the right support and help at our eight sites.”

Mr Walker pointed to jobs pressures across sectors.

He said: “There is undoubtedly a huge demand for staff in the UK job market and whilst we are well placed because of the good reputation we enjoy as employer, there is no doubt that it has become trickier to find candidates.

“We normally fill positions quickly but recruitment is taking longer than it used to a few years ago.

“We want to hear from local candidates but also those from further afield who could come and stay with us in accommodation provided by Argyll Holidays.

“We can also offer free transport from certain pickup and drop off points for those living off site.

“There are a range of opportunities to suit all ages and skills so we would encourage those interested to contact us for a chat and more details.”

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