Friends on Romantic Holiday Must Prevent Ecological Catastrophe

Idyllic vacation turns into race to save nature in Rob Marshall’s “Paradise Broken”

NEW ZEALAND, May 27, 2022 / — A holiday adventure takes an unexpected twist when a pristine area likened to paradise becomes threatened by an environmental hazard. In Rob Marshall‘s “Paradise Broken,” readers will see just how far nature-lovers will go to protect their sanctuary.

Marshall’s novel follows three couples who have been lifelong friends as they enjoy their holiday and go on a fishing trip. They visit a favorite campsite, a hunting spot that they call Paradise. There they have a variety of adventures along a wild river, going hunting, horse riding, on a four day ride that is nothing short of unforgettable.

Some of the men in the group visited this place often when they were young. For good reason, as they remember the breathtaking landscape with majestic trees, a wonderful river, and a great campsite with plenty of game and fish. Yet when they arrive, there is a dramatic turn of events. When they arrive at their much anticipated destination, an ecological disaster unfolds before their eyes and they cannot bear to stand idly by. The friends do what they can to help avoid it, but the situation is extremely dire.

Readers will witness how the friends handle the tragic circumstances, and the impact of witnessing one’s favorite childhood camping locations threatened by environmental hazards. With his novel, Marshall simultaneously regales his readers with the wonders of New Zealand’s great outdoors as well as the threats that face this pristine natural expanse. He also depicts the bond these friends share with each other, one that is nourished by the moments they share enjoying the natural world. Marshall draws from his own personal experiences in the New Zealand wilderness. In his own words:

“Inspiration for the book came from my many adventures into the New Zealand wilderness. Trapping and hunting and the great people I have met in the great outdoors. I enjoy horse riding. I was going to write about all my adventures in the outdoors – hunting, fishing, tramping. At the time of writing there seemed to be a lot of this type of book coming out in NZ so I decided to do something different and so this is how Paradise Broken got created.”

“I want people to enjoy the great outdoors of New Zealand, as I have enjoyed it over many years.” Marshall says.

About the Author
Rob Marshall is a lover of the great outdoors and has enjoyed trapping, hunting and fishing for many years. He drew inspiration for his novel from the great outdoors: rivers, mountains, and great scenery. He lives in New Zealand. Paradise Broken is his first novel.

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