Holiday fun and outdoor activities at this Adventure Camp

On the lookout for holiday fun and meaningful outdoor activities for kids this June? The Singa Tribe Adventure Camp will engage children from 5 to 12 in fun activities like fishing, a forest trek and a visit to an organic farm. At the same time, they’ll learn about ecosystems and sustainability. This camp is conducted by Otolith Enrichment, a community-based social enterprise that provides education in the environmental sciences, aquaponics, and hydroponics. It’s led by main instructor, Khor, who is trained in first-aid.

For perhaps the first time, your kids will be away from technology, experiencing life on a farm and in the forest. They will become more eco-conscious through first-hand experience. When it comes to protecting our planet, it’s always a good idea to start young! Moreover, they can develop teamwork and social skills along the way. Check out the highlights below!

Organic farm tour

City kids get a snippet of life as a farmer! Kids will experience on-site agricultural experiences at the adventure camp. They’ll learn how to get rid of pests to differentiate between useful and harmful insects. As well as the myriad benefits of organic farming including the development of healthy soils from eco-friendly fertilisers. They’ll even catch grasshoppers as bait for the fishing activity.

Mini forest trek outdoor activities

What better way to get to the heart of nature than a forest trek? Kids will hear shrill cicada noises and experience the contrast in temperature and air of the farm and the forest. The stream is another highlight of the trip. They’ll observe and gather various creatures from clams and tadpoles to insect nymphs, to find out if the ecosystem is thriving. Through the forest trek, they learn to see the unpolluted stream as a source of drinking water for Singapore. They will release what they catch back into the waters.

Holiday fun and outdoor activities at this Adventure Camp

Through these outdoor activities, they’ll learn valuable lessons on environmental sustainability. These include why the forest is important to the ecosystem as a whole, how to keep the water clean, and steps to gauge a healthy stream. 

Campfire holiday fun (for older kids)

Older kids are up for a delightful challenge at Singa Tribe adventure camp. There are popular outdoor activities for them in the forest, such as how to start a fire safely and even roast fluffy marshmallows over the campfire, something rarely found in other adventure camps. 

Snacks are provided, as well as water from the water cooler, so they just have to bring along their water bottles to top up. Organic insect repellent is also available to protect them from getting bitten in the wild.

Fishing for kids

As the proverb goes, teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime. Remember the grasshoppers that they caught on their farm tour? Kids can catch fish from Otolith’s own pond using grasshoppers as bait and bring their catch home at the end of the eventful day.

The waiting process in fishing is where they learn about patience – and they’ll feel very proud when they succeed! It’s no wonder that fishing stands at number one in the list of favourite Otolith outdoor activities for kids.

Rainy day alternatives

Should it rain, there are nature-based outdoor activities available under a shelter. They will learn to use leaves and twigs creatively and build a teepee using bamboo and dry leaves.

By the end of the adventure camp, kids will develop a better understanding of where food comes from. They’ll also be inspired to advocate for environmental issues and ethical consumption. Of course, they will also share some wonderful memories of June holiday fun. 

Adventure camp costs and timings

The attendance fee is $125 per child, and $145 per child for the private group (minimum of $1,000 spend to go ahead with a private group camp).

The Singa Tribe adventure camp is available on school holidays and on the weekends of non-school holidays, from 1 to 6 pm. You can head here to check out the available dates and timings.

Otolith conducts many more sustainability workshops. For more outdoor activities for kids, including fish farm tours and a guided tour of the black soldier fly facility, visit their official website.

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